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The terms and conditions mentioned below constitute an agreement between www.zenithSansar.com from here onwards will be called as "the company" and the on who joins the Company., thereby become an Independent Distributor from here onwards will be called as an "ID" to promote and sell company's products, services and plan.

  1. 1 : - Independent Distributor are not the employees of the company.
  2. 2 : - Distributor should be above age of 18 years at time of accepting membership
  3. 3 : - Business as mentioned in the ZENITH Sansar Marketing Plan is totally optional.
  4. 4 : - The "ZENITH" Product Pack is for sale to people residing in india for Indian Nationals only.
  5. 5 : - On receipt of the payment for the "ZENITH" product pack, the new Independent Distributor will be sent a covering letter with his/her referral ID, login name and password to login to the company website.
  6. 6 : - Distributor has to fulfill his business conditions for start receiving binary income.
  7. 7 : - An Independent Distributor is not authorized to make any promises to a prospective independent distributor. If application relies on any promises made by an ID trying to introduce him or her. which is not in this agreement and / or official material, and that introducer ID falls to keep any such promise, the application shall only have recourse against such introducer / affiliate and not against the company.
  8. 8 : - If observed that guest of any other ID is enrolled under the network of another ID, the company will revert such enrollments and concerned ID shall be held responsible to make goods the losses / consequences sustained by the effective ID.
  9. 9 : - The ID should hand over the payment for the purpose of ZENITH Product Pack and Advance Product Value to the authorised centers of the company. The company shall not be responsible for remittances made at any other places or to any ID.
  10. 10 : - The ID can display the company name and logo as designed by the company for printing of his / her personal stationery (with prior written permission from the company). However the ID shall not use the trademark, patent or any other Intellectual properties of the company for any other purpose other than for the promotion of the business of the company.
  11. 11 : - The sale of the "ZENITH" Product Pack does not create of constitutes a joint or collaborative venture of partnership of any kind between the company and an ID.
  12. 12 : - In no event, shall the company be liable for any claims or damage of any kind arising from the contents of Introducer's unauthorized presentation. Introducer indemnifies the company against any third party and related damages and express arising out of unauthorized offer made to prospective customers. Introducer can use company's website only for business purpose.
  13. 13 : - In case an active ID passes away, the distributors, would be transferred in favour of the nominee, as mentioned in the application form.
  14. 14 : - The company may terminate the ID without any prior notice on the following grounds.
  15. 15 : - If any ID acts against the interest of the company.
  16. 16 : - If any if violates any of the terms and conditions agreed here to or violate any subsequent changes if made to the terms and conditions by the company.
  17. 17 : - If found any statement or Information made in the joining form to be false.
  18. 18 : - If any ID represent any other MMC or Mass Marketing Company engaged in the similar nature of business with similar business plan and product range.
  19. 19 : - If any ID uses Company's Premises / venue to represent any other MMC or Mass Marketing Company the right of a terminate ID to receive compensation (in whatsoever form) from the company ceases immediately from the date of the termination.
  20. 20 : - Distributors should be given annual Maintenance charges as per company norm's.
  21. 21 : - However, the up line and down line ID would continue to receive their sale commissions due to them.
  22. 22 : - The company reserves the sole right to change, rectify and to amend the business plan, rules and regulations, policies and procedures terms and conditions from time to time. Any such notices shall be deemed to have been read and received by ID after flashing the same of the company's website www.zenithSansar.com and it is the responsibility of the ID to stay abreast of development communicated in this manner. The ID's shall abide by all the changes made by the company from time to time.
  23. 23 : - TDS will be deducted as Government regulations. The commission earned by and ID will depend on his/her and their down line ID's sale performance "ZENITH" product pack is a properly of the company. Any claims or disputes arising out of this program or product / services the decision of the company will be final and binding. The commission earned distributed by the company to an ID will be governed entirely by the company and will not be challenged in any court of law by anyone whomsoever.
  24. 24 : - A deduction of 5% will take place from all sources of incomes as Administration charges.
  25. 25 : - A deduction of 10% of income will go for “PLAN-(B)”.
  26. 26 : - Distributor’s request for funds transfer to banks may take up to 7 working days.
  27. 27 : - Minimum fund withdraw limit is Rs.500 and maximum no limit.
  28. 28 : - If an ID has any disputes,, he / she should give a written complaint to the legal department of the company regarding the same. In the case of no action from the legal department of the company with in 30working days (from the day of company receiving the latter), the matter shall be referred to the solo arbitrator to be appointed by the company.
  29. 29 : - All legal disputes are subject Gorakhpur Jurisdiction only.
  30. 30 : - Contents Including Tree Structure on the forms once submitted will be treated as final and no changes will be made subsequently.
  31. 31 : - A prospective ID should read all the terms and conditions mentioned on the website joining form. I have read all the Terms and Conditions and full under stood the same and shall abide by all the terms and conditions mentioned here in above. I have given my consent to join (www.zenithSansar.com) as an ID with free will and without any pressure and coercion.